Saturday, 5 November 2011

Back on Track

Oh my goodness! It's early morning and I woke with a start. I remembered I have a blog, that I have not updated in quite a while.  I do have have an excuse, I have been on holidays and unfortunately came home quite ill but I am back on track and was very excited walking back into the shop and seeing all the gorgeous new cotton fabrics that have arrived, it just made me keen to sew.

Also, while I was away, the front of the shop had a makeover.  It is all crisp and clean and looks fantastic. The signwriter did an amazing job. He is very talented and I am sure only us creative people would appreciate the skills involved in being able to freehand an image from my business card. Plus the web site front page is finally finished, the products list now stays open and a few other issues have finally been resolved, at a cost of course. It has been a long journey and Alicia has worked tirelessly on it. Have a look.

Christmas is just around the corner, and it is great to hear from our customers that they are going back to basics.  Hand Made is booming, face washers are being crocheted, jams are being made, softies by the dozens are being stitched, wheat heat bags are being produced. I get such a thrill when I receive a hand made gift as time is very precious.  So why not consider finding some time in this lead up to christmas to make that someone special, a gift made with love.

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