Friday, 24 February 2012

One Month Gone By

Oh My!!! I just typed in my title and put One Month Gone By and then looked at the calender and thought oops!!  it is actually two and a bit months. Won't be long and I will be writing about Christmas again.

Well where to start, we had a great break over school holidays and everyone indulged in a variety of craft either for themselves and/or with their children. Everyone including myself, appreciated spending some quality time with the family without the pressures of time not being on our side.

I had several unfinished projects that I have now completed. I am just waiting on the right size black pom poms to arrive and I shall show you some images of the Hare from Alice in Wonderland that I have been making for my niece for her birthday which was in December. She loves Alice in Wonderland so I am converting the Christmas Hare into a Birthaday Hare but I can't rush these things, you know! 

Connie stitched and I drilled and sawed to complete the terrific teepee. We have it on display in the shop and it would be a great, safe little haven for any child. It is made from Cargo Drill White Spots. It looks fantastic but you do need to have some basic skills in the shed or a partner who can handle a drill and hacksaw. We have currently sold out, but you can find the teepee pattern in our online store as soon as it arrives back in stock. You can pre-order if you wish, just email or phone us and let us know!

Another project that I finally completed was a pair of Lace Rib Bed Socks by Patons using Classic Totem 8ply  Colour 4325 which is 100% Australian Wool. I was knitting them for my for my Mother-in-Law's 80th birthday and she is now 82. The pattern is in The Big Book of Small Projects 2 and is for an intermediate knitter. I did have some difficulties with the pattern and my knitting Norma corrected a section in the pattern for me. The book is available and I will include the pattern corrections with the book. I was going to put them on display but as I have been making them for two years I felt it was more important to give them to her in person, as I was in Perth with my daughter for the Country State Life Saving Championships last weekend. I was so proud of my daughter at having a go in events she knew would be a challenge. It was a mammoth effort and she won two silver medals. One for U/17's Tube Race and one for U17's Ironwoman. 

Bye for now until my Hare is complete......... 

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