Saturday, 26 May 2012

Knitting Galore

I had a fantastic weekend a few weeks back, and didn't get out of my jamas until 3pm. I had a list of things that I wanted to finish, and I did! I felt fantastic standing there in my jammies with unkept hair until my daughter said "Mum it is about time you go and clean your teeth" that promptly changed my tone.

 I have also been spending the evenings knitting and somwehow it seems to suit this colder weather, curled up on the lounge under a blanket with Nikora our Staffy by my side.  I have whipped up a couple of odd little characters, but I do like quirky things. They are both egg warmers, My daughter got the rabbit for an Easter pressie and the chicken went to a good home because the girls were studying hard, excersing little, and did not want any chocolate for Easter.

March Hare was also finished, I made him for my 23 year old niece who loves Alice in Wonderland. Her birthday slipped me by. In my family we don't buy pressies after you turn 21 but we always send a card. Her birthday was New Years Eve and her Dads was two days later. It was his 60th and I was so busy worrying about his pressie that I I neglected hers. I am not sure whether it will be an early 2013 or a late 2012 birthday gift by the time she recieves it.

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