Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Yahoo We Won!

I am very excited because we entered the Brother Mother's Day Magic In Store Display Competition for Brother dealers throughout Australia and yes I had heard right, WE WON! The Brother Representative for Western Australia telephoned to tell me, and said he had some good news, I immediately thought he had some super specials on Sewing Machines, but it was a whole let better than that.

I am thrilled because we won a $1500 gift Voucher from Myer which I shall put to good use. I am considering purchasing a laptop for the shop? I am not technically minded and having yet another computer on board may not be my idea of a treat. So I just have one dilema, what will I buy with my voucher? At the moment I am just going to enjoy the fruits of our winnings and admire the voucher.

I had another phone call today from Brenda McCullogh the Marketing Manager to check if I had received my voucher. She told me the judges were given photographs of the displays without any names attached, when we were chosen as the winner of the Best in store display and they announced we were from Esperance, the judges asked "Where's That?"  They then went onto our web site and Brenda was very impressed with our selection of colour. She was impressed with the purple and white theme, combined with our photography. The photos depict everything that we offer and even though it has been years in the making, I am really happy that we are getting noticed, out there in the wide world of web.

The Best in Store Display 

The machine embroidered flower was created by Alison Reddyhough and the Brother placemat was created by Alicia Welke out of the Brother Pamphlets.

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