Sunday, 14 October 2012

Getting My Feet Wet

Today I discovered how much I have missed the sun and getting my feet wet. During Winter Nikora, our 8 year old Staffie and I walk the streets. It is a bit dark when I get home to walk along the bike track and during the warmer months the snakes bask in the sunshine on the track so we head to the beach. The last couple of afternoons in Esperance have been majical so both Nikora and I got sand in our toes and got our feet wet. The gentle breeze was just enough to blow the cob webs away and Nikora ran and explored every sandhill she could climb. You can not teach an old dog new tricks and as she joined our family at 6 1/2 years old she is still a little hesitant at getting much more than her toes and belly wet.

So while I am mentioning precious pets, we got a couple of gorgeous Dog and Cat 100% quality cotton patchwork fabrics in. The Turquoise fabric is called Yap Yap and to please all the cat lovers of the world I got the Pink fabric called Meow Meow, how appropriate.

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