Sunday, 21 October 2012

I have had a very productive day and was tempted to go to the shop, instead I sat on the balcony overlooking the beach in 33.6C  heat and read my daughters Frankie magazine. It is a beautiful magazine and it inspired me to write my blog.  The shop is my haven a place to escape from my household chores, it's clean and tidy and things get dealt with unlike my kitchen bench at home where papers seem to multiply. My shop is a place I can immerse myself. I am surrounded by luscious things that we have been frantically buying for Chrismas. Often I fool myself and get a desire to make something. I collect all the goodies I will need, so when the family has gone to bed I intend to whip up some little creation that I can show and tell at the shop the next day. How often I repeat the process I bring it all home I look, I ponder and then I fall asleep on the floor with the dog. Then I take it all back to the shop in the morning.

I get so much pleasure out of the joy that some customers bring when they visit and find that project that they may never do, but just have to have. I had a gorgeous visitor, and her just as delightful husband visit yesterday from Kalgoorlie. I feel I have invited them into my home and they look and enjoy and chat, and make me laugh. All my customers/friends enjoy her company and it becomes more like a gathering rather than a place to shop. We all oooooh and aaaah and it reminds me why I do what I do, and why I work the hours I do, and why my kitchen bench looks like it does.   

A little taste of some gorgeous goodies that have just arrived....


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