Wednesday, 12 June 2013


The pattern was created for two very special people who are getting married in the month of May. They requested “no presents” so I decided to create a GrooVi Cosi. I had the name Groovi Tea Cosy in my head, now I just had to create the pattern and choose the colours. I had Goo in the title, and our daughter ( whom adores Goo, and is very excited about the wedding) suggested to bring Vic into the name too, by cutting the Tea Cosy and adding Cosi therefore creating the Groovi Cosi.

 My idea came from Vic; she bought a beautiful book of knitted tea cosy’s with the intent of knitting each member of her family a cosy for Christmas. She did finish a cosy and is still working on the flowers to adorn it. It now takes pride in her kitchen - her family are still waiting

 The best man and his wife were thrilled with the idea, and bought the T2 Sari Tea Cups and Saucers to match the Cosi.  We chose 2 colour ways, an Orange and Black and Jade and Purple set.  I decided to add 2 Cherry Blossoms that I knitted, then felted and placed on top of the Cosi. The 2 Cherry Blossoms represent “New Life” for Vic and Goo.

 I envisage them on their property that they bought together, and where they will be married.   Sitting on the porch of their new home that they will build, overlooking their dam, sipping a cup of tea with their Groovi Cosi keeping their pot warm.


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  1. What a clever lady you are Lynne. It is just gorgeous and can see why they absolutely loved it!!!!