Saturday, 2 May 2015

2 short years and Mothers Day

Well, where to begin. Technology is not my friend as you can see from my very first attempt at a selfie of my mum and I.

I will try, once again, to write regularly about Create and See and all that unfolds around me.

I am so excited because we have our crochet classes up and running and we have our amazing teacher, Jenny with us once again.

I must say I have been as dormant with my blogging as I have been my crocheting, even to the point that I had forgotten how to do the stitch, but now the cold weather has moved in I have blown the dust away, gathered myself and picked up my hook. I started a blanket for my mum, last year at our very first crochet class with Linda from Kalgoorlie and I am only a quarter way through. I must say, I am really enjoying stretching out on the lounge with Nikora my girl (whom some of you may have met at the shop, she is the resident staffy) snuggled at my feet whilst I crochet mums blanket and admire every row.


 My mum has Alzheimer's, and has recently gone into a wonderful home called Kinross owned by the Anglican Church. My dad after 62 years of sharing his life, and being her main carer for many years has resorted to visiting daily. He misses her terribly but could no longer carry the load so now, they spend quality time together sitting, holding hands and enjoying what sun is left. I miss them terribly as I no longer can pick up the phone and hear my mums voice. She was not always sure who she was talking to, but it was a comfort to hear that familiar voice that still gives me the warm fuzzys.

So this brings me to Mothers Day, I am trying hard but I am fairly confident mums blanket will not get finished. Maybe I should have tackled something smaller, perhaps a scarf.
It will be too late for you to attempt a blanket for Mothers Day, but maybe you could join me and start with every good intention of finishing a project for your mum for next year.

Better still start small and hand deliver your gift on Sunday. We have lots of small projects at or pop in and we will help you choose the perfect handmade gift of love to give to your precious mum.

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