Saturday 2 May 2015

2 short years and Mothers Day

Well, where to begin. Technology is not my friend as you can see from my very first attempt at a selfie of my mum and I.

I will try, once again, to write regularly about Create and See and all that unfolds around me.

I am so excited because we have our crochet classes up and running and we have our amazing teacher, Jenny with us once again.

I must say I have been as dormant with my blogging as I have been my crocheting, even to the point that I had forgotten how to do the stitch, but now the cold weather has moved in I have blown the dust away, gathered myself and picked up my hook. I started a blanket for my mum, last year at our very first crochet class with Linda from Kalgoorlie and I am only a quarter way through. I must say, I am really enjoying stretching out on the lounge with Nikora my girl (whom some of you may have met at the shop, she is the resident staffy) snuggled at my feet whilst I crochet mums blanket and admire every row.


 My mum has Alzheimer's, and has recently gone into a wonderful home called Kinross owned by the Anglican Church. My dad after 62 years of sharing his life, and being her main carer for many years has resorted to visiting daily. He misses her terribly but could no longer carry the load so now, they spend quality time together sitting, holding hands and enjoying what sun is left. I miss them terribly as I no longer can pick up the phone and hear my mums voice. She was not always sure who she was talking to, but it was a comfort to hear that familiar voice that still gives me the warm fuzzys.

So this brings me to Mothers Day, I am trying hard but I am fairly confident mums blanket will not get finished. Maybe I should have tackled something smaller, perhaps a scarf.
It will be too late for you to attempt a blanket for Mothers Day, but maybe you could join me and start with every good intention of finishing a project for your mum for next year.

Better still start small and hand deliver your gift on Sunday. We have lots of small projects at or pop in and we will help you choose the perfect handmade gift of love to give to your precious mum.

Wednesday 12 June 2013


The pattern was created for two very special people who are getting married in the month of May. They requested “no presents” so I decided to create a GrooVi Cosi. I had the name Groovi Tea Cosy in my head, now I just had to create the pattern and choose the colours. I had Goo in the title, and our daughter ( whom adores Goo, and is very excited about the wedding) suggested to bring Vic into the name too, by cutting the Tea Cosy and adding Cosi therefore creating the Groovi Cosi.

 My idea came from Vic; she bought a beautiful book of knitted tea cosy’s with the intent of knitting each member of her family a cosy for Christmas. She did finish a cosy and is still working on the flowers to adorn it. It now takes pride in her kitchen - her family are still waiting

 The best man and his wife were thrilled with the idea, and bought the T2 Sari Tea Cups and Saucers to match the Cosi.  We chose 2 colour ways, an Orange and Black and Jade and Purple set.  I decided to add 2 Cherry Blossoms that I knitted, then felted and placed on top of the Cosi. The 2 Cherry Blossoms represent “New Life” for Vic and Goo.

 I envisage them on their property that they bought together, and where they will be married.   Sitting on the porch of their new home that they will build, overlooking their dam, sipping a cup of tea with their Groovi Cosi keeping their pot warm.


Sunday 21 October 2012

I have had a very productive day and was tempted to go to the shop, instead I sat on the balcony overlooking the beach in 33.6C  heat and read my daughters Frankie magazine. It is a beautiful magazine and it inspired me to write my blog.  The shop is my haven a place to escape from my household chores, it's clean and tidy and things get dealt with unlike my kitchen bench at home where papers seem to multiply. My shop is a place I can immerse myself. I am surrounded by luscious things that we have been frantically buying for Chrismas. Often I fool myself and get a desire to make something. I collect all the goodies I will need, so when the family has gone to bed I intend to whip up some little creation that I can show and tell at the shop the next day. How often I repeat the process I bring it all home I look, I ponder and then I fall asleep on the floor with the dog. Then I take it all back to the shop in the morning.

I get so much pleasure out of the joy that some customers bring when they visit and find that project that they may never do, but just have to have. I had a gorgeous visitor, and her just as delightful husband visit yesterday from Kalgoorlie. I feel I have invited them into my home and they look and enjoy and chat, and make me laugh. All my customers/friends enjoy her company and it becomes more like a gathering rather than a place to shop. We all oooooh and aaaah and it reminds me why I do what I do, and why I work the hours I do, and why my kitchen bench looks like it does.   

A little taste of some gorgeous goodies that have just arrived....


Sunday 14 October 2012

Getting My Feet Wet

Today I discovered how much I have missed the sun and getting my feet wet. During Winter Nikora, our 8 year old Staffie and I walk the streets. It is a bit dark when I get home to walk along the bike track and during the warmer months the snakes bask in the sunshine on the track so we head to the beach. The last couple of afternoons in Esperance have been majical so both Nikora and I got sand in our toes and got our feet wet. The gentle breeze was just enough to blow the cob webs away and Nikora ran and explored every sandhill she could climb. You can not teach an old dog new tricks and as she joined our family at 6 1/2 years old she is still a little hesitant at getting much more than her toes and belly wet.

So while I am mentioning precious pets, we got a couple of gorgeous Dog and Cat 100% quality cotton patchwork fabrics in. The Turquoise fabric is called Yap Yap and to please all the cat lovers of the world I got the Pink fabric called Meow Meow, how appropriate.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Yahoo We Won!

I am very excited because we entered the Brother Mother's Day Magic In Store Display Competition for Brother dealers throughout Australia and yes I had heard right, WE WON! The Brother Representative for Western Australia telephoned to tell me, and said he had some good news, I immediately thought he had some super specials on Sewing Machines, but it was a whole let better than that.

I am thrilled because we won a $1500 gift Voucher from Myer which I shall put to good use. I am considering purchasing a laptop for the shop? I am not technically minded and having yet another computer on board may not be my idea of a treat. So I just have one dilema, what will I buy with my voucher? At the moment I am just going to enjoy the fruits of our winnings and admire the voucher.

I had another phone call today from Brenda McCullogh the Marketing Manager to check if I had received my voucher. She told me the judges were given photographs of the displays without any names attached, when we were chosen as the winner of the Best in store display and they announced we were from Esperance, the judges asked "Where's That?"  They then went onto our web site and Brenda was very impressed with our selection of colour. She was impressed with the purple and white theme, combined with our photography. The photos depict everything that we offer and even though it has been years in the making, I am really happy that we are getting noticed, out there in the wide world of web.

The Best in Store Display 

The machine embroidered flower was created by Alison Reddyhough and the Brother placemat was created by Alicia Welke out of the Brother Pamphlets.

Friday 27 July 2012

I wake up in the morning( and its still dark) and wonder what the day will bring. Every so often you hear a story. Someone offers advice or a client shows you a piece that they have been working on for years and you know it will evoke memories further down the track when I am old and grey, actually cut the grey cause I am already there. I am middle aged but not old, in fact scrub that sentence and replace it with "when I retire". My husband will have to drag me out screaming, as it is a huge part of my life and I do enjoy coming to my little piece of paradise everyday.

This is one of the stories that I no doubt will be telling in years to come because it just gave me the warm fuzzies  I had a couple of delightful customers in the shop on Wednesday, an elderly lady who was wheelchair bound but had a quick wit and a great sense of humour. Her friend or carer that was with her proudly announced that her friend was a great grandmother and was crocheting a blanket for her grandaughter. We chose some bright coloured wool that will look gorgeous. This little possum will be wrapped up with warmth and love for many years to come, long after grandma has gone.
You can not beat Hand Made With Love.

The great grandmother told me several funny stories on her visit but one story in particular will evoke great memories for me in years to come, particularly when I see a picture of Nemo!
When her 2 or 3 year old granddaughter was told by her mum that great grandma was not very well, her great granddaughter  said to her mum that grandma has to swim mum, just like Nemo keep swimming, just keep swimming.

I opened the door for them on the way out and the friend decided to go out backwards just in case she tipped her friend out of the wheelcahir - to that their was a wicked reply that just made me laugh and as they wheeled their way up the street I wished them well and yelled Keep Swimming!

Saturday 26 May 2012

Knitting Galore

I had a fantastic weekend a few weeks back, and didn't get out of my jamas until 3pm. I had a list of things that I wanted to finish, and I did! I felt fantastic standing there in my jammies with unkept hair until my daughter said "Mum it is about time you go and clean your teeth" that promptly changed my tone.

 I have also been spending the evenings knitting and somwehow it seems to suit this colder weather, curled up on the lounge under a blanket with Nikora our Staffy by my side.  I have whipped up a couple of odd little characters, but I do like quirky things. They are both egg warmers, My daughter got the rabbit for an Easter pressie and the chicken went to a good home because the girls were studying hard, excersing little, and did not want any chocolate for Easter.

March Hare was also finished, I made him for my 23 year old niece who loves Alice in Wonderland. Her birthday slipped me by. In my family we don't buy pressies after you turn 21 but we always send a card. Her birthday was New Years Eve and her Dads was two days later. It was his 60th and I was so busy worrying about his pressie that I I neglected hers. I am not sure whether it will be an early 2013 or a late 2012 birthday gift by the time she recieves it.

Friday 24 February 2012

One Month Gone By

Oh My!!! I just typed in my title and put One Month Gone By and then looked at the calender and thought oops!!  it is actually two and a bit months. Won't be long and I will be writing about Christmas again.

Well where to start, we had a great break over school holidays and everyone indulged in a variety of craft either for themselves and/or with their children. Everyone including myself, appreciated spending some quality time with the family without the pressures of time not being on our side.

I had several unfinished projects that I have now completed. I am just waiting on the right size black pom poms to arrive and I shall show you some images of the Hare from Alice in Wonderland that I have been making for my niece for her birthday which was in December. She loves Alice in Wonderland so I am converting the Christmas Hare into a Birthaday Hare but I can't rush these things, you know! 

Connie stitched and I drilled and sawed to complete the terrific teepee. We have it on display in the shop and it would be a great, safe little haven for any child. It is made from Cargo Drill White Spots. It looks fantastic but you do need to have some basic skills in the shed or a partner who can handle a drill and hacksaw. We have currently sold out, but you can find the teepee pattern in our online store as soon as it arrives back in stock. You can pre-order if you wish, just email or phone us and let us know!

Another project that I finally completed was a pair of Lace Rib Bed Socks by Patons using Classic Totem 8ply  Colour 4325 which is 100% Australian Wool. I was knitting them for my for my Mother-in-Law's 80th birthday and she is now 82. The pattern is in The Big Book of Small Projects 2 and is for an intermediate knitter. I did have some difficulties with the pattern and my knitting Norma corrected a section in the pattern for me. The book is available and I will include the pattern corrections with the book. I was going to put them on display but as I have been making them for two years I felt it was more important to give them to her in person, as I was in Perth with my daughter for the Country State Life Saving Championships last weekend. I was so proud of my daughter at having a go in events she knew would be a challenge. It was a mammoth effort and she won two silver medals. One for U/17's Tube Race and one for U17's Ironwoman. 

Bye for now until my Hare is complete......... 

Wednesday 7 December 2011

The Countdown Begins

It's the seventh day of December and we have all woken up and realised Christmas is coming and Oh Oh! there is lots of work to be done. What an exciting time for some, particularly the youngin's. Santa still comes to our house and decorates the house with balloons and streamers, every Christmas Eve, while everyone sleeps!! Our daughter is 16 and still enjoys waking up in the morning to see what he has put on display this time. Its a good year this year cause Christmas falls on a Sunday, so we will have time to get to our families safely.

Everyone is finding time to decorate there pressies beautifully this year. Ribbon has run out the door and we are getting more shipped in from far and wide. We were caught by suprise but we have more arriving within the week. Here is a sample of some of Alicia's Christmas wrappings.

Alicia has been very busy making an absolutely gorgeous wreath with Yo Yo's. She has patience that far exceeds mine, to sit there and produce over 200. It is nearly finished and it has certainly been worth the effort, cause it truly is very special and I can't stop admiring it and showing it of to our customers. Alicia may add a final touch of White Pearl Head Pins to each Yo Yo, but she just have to find some time to have a play.

I have been making a Melly and Me chicken pattern, called "Clucky", but I have down sized it to make a pin cushion. She is a thank you present for a very special Teacher at Esperance High School. Mrs Chambers is a Textile Teacher whom teaches my daughter to sew. I call her Mother Hen, as she truly cares for all her girls that pass through her textile room. My daughter has had some crazy moments with the sewing machine. Hence the unpicker tucked up nicely in one wing and the little chicken, (my daughter) tucked up safely in the other. "Pins! She must have pins!" My daughter cried as I was making Mother Hen. "Mrs Chambers always pins and unpicks for me so please add some pins." This is how "Mother Hen" nee "Clucky" became a pin cushion. Mrs Chambers has shared her passion for sewing, and passed on this passion to many of her girls. She is well respected and loved by all and she frequently bounces her way into Create and See with  a smile on her face. She is an absolute gem and Katie, my daughter has been privileged to be under her wing.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

My Favourite

Well I am late again!  I keep promising myself that I will update each week, and I really do intend too but all of a sudden it is is half an hour before it's Wednesday and I am still attempting to add to my draft from last week. a word I repeat to myself often. My draft from last week,  announced that a selection of my favourite scrapbooking papers and embellishments arrived from 7gypsies.  I am not huge on lots of colour and this is probably why I just love 7gypsies papers.  I love the quirkiness of the sketches scattered over the papers. I even love their packaging!!  One day take the time to read the back of one of their packets, because it tells their story. It tells a wonderful tale of how an Australian Schoolteacher met her husband and how they became who they are today.


Saturday 5 November 2011

Back on Track

Oh my goodness! It's early morning and I woke with a start. I remembered I have a blog, that I have not updated in quite a while.  I do have have an excuse, I have been on holidays and unfortunately came home quite ill but I am back on track and was very excited walking back into the shop and seeing all the gorgeous new cotton fabrics that have arrived, it just made me keen to sew.

Also, while I was away, the front of the shop had a makeover.  It is all crisp and clean and looks fantastic. The signwriter did an amazing job. He is very talented and I am sure only us creative people would appreciate the skills involved in being able to freehand an image from my business card. Plus the web site front page is finally finished, the products list now stays open and a few other issues have finally been resolved, at a cost of course. It has been a long journey and Alicia has worked tirelessly on it. Have a look.

Christmas is just around the corner, and it is great to hear from our customers that they are going back to basics.  Hand Made is booming, face washers are being crocheted, jams are being made, softies by the dozens are being stitched, wheat heat bags are being produced. I get such a thrill when I receive a hand made gift as time is very precious.  So why not consider finding some time in this lead up to christmas to make that someone special, a gift made with love.

Saturday 17 September 2011

New and old favourites are back

Among a few, our old time favourite "Funky Farm" has arrrived back in store. I have made a kit but mine includes black and white cows and an array of brightly coloured sheep. My tractor is red and has black tyres but you can make yours green if you are a John Deere person. The "Funky Farm" Pattern is listed under Patchwork - Patterns - Hot Possum.

"Clucky" is a crowd pleaser and has come to join us once again along with a couple of new beginner patterns. "Sally and Smith" is one. The patterns are beautifully written and perfect for the novice or for the softie fanatic in all of us. "Giddy Up" is a blast from the past and takes me back to our daughters younger years, and certainly shows "what's old is new again".

Alicia has been busy uploading dressmaking fabrics. Unfortunately the lens of a camera does not give a true indication of how beautiful these fabrics truly are. If you are a tactile person like myself and need to see and touch the fabric, please contact us and we will be happy to send you a sample. You can view some of the range under Dressmaking - Fabrics - Specialty Fabrics or Stretch Fabrics. There is so much more to come so keep an eye out.

Well, I am of to work, I enjoy Saturdays as we normally don't get any deliveries and it is a little more laid back. Then I am off to watch our daughters netball grand final. Go TDS!!!!!

Friday 2 September 2011

My Very First Post

Alicia is on holidays for three weeks in America at a Scrapbooking Convention and I only have 3 more sleeps till she walks back onto the floor at Create and See. I will attempt to get all my ordering done as it has been hectic and I have got a little behind. I have missed her and I am excited to show her all the progress I have made for the web site and my blog. Plus show her all the samples Connie has whipped up while she has been away.

Connie has been working, and it has been an absolute pleasure to have her on a daily basis. She has quite literally whipped up some gorgeous samples which I shall upload for all to see. She brings laughter and life back into Create and See. It reminds me why I am in the business, I get so much pleasure from seeing people get excited about what she has created, including Connie. The father Xmas pattern sold out before Connie had finished him. I am happy to take orders as I will be placing an order in the next couple of days.

Christmas is not far away if you plan to make and Create. Some new Christmas patchwork fabrics arrived and I have already sold a few metres. Santa on his surf board has been a big hit and will not last long.

I was also hoping the shop front would be all painted and the sign work completed before Alicia got home. Unfortunately it will not be so as the signwriter is having an operation and I will have to be patient.
I have waited all Winter, Spring is in full flight and by Summer we will be all shiny and fresh for the tourist trade.

I have been very busy putting new stock on the floor. 35 new dress fabrics arrived and they are gorgeous, I am very excited because quite a few stretch fabrics are around the $17.00  per metre mark. Kwik Sew has quite a few stretch patterns, they are available in store and online. Kwik Sew patterns are brilliant, particularly if you have a Brother Overlocker, it makes sewing stretch a breeze.

I shall attempt to make a start to upload all the new fabrics but I may have to wait for Alicia to assit me with this so you will have to be patient.